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Personal Growth

Think PIES!!

How are you doing?  really doing?

Personal growth involves:





What area of life do you want to grow?

We will help you identify your needs and develop a gameplan for personal growth. You will like the man in the mirror increasingly more as you are growing in your PIES!

Do A Quick MRI

My Reality Inventory

Life Satisfaction & Life Balance     

How satisfied are you with your life currently?

On a scale of 1 to 10;    1 being the least satisfied and 10  being the most satisfying.

Rate your current level of satisfaction with each of the following areas of your life.


a“1”score means“ entirely unacceptable to me in its current state”,a“10”score means“ I couldn’t be happier with this”. Although these areas will vary from time to time, please give your best overall assessment of how content or pleased you are with each one at this point in your life. 


Personal Spiritual Life & Growth________

Church/Religious Life________

Physical Health________

Marriage/Romantic Relationship________

Home Life (Family Cohesion–How the Family “Works”)________

Personal Order (Organization, Efficiency, Simplicity)________

Extended Family Relationships (Relatives, In-Laws)________

Friends/Social Life________

Fun and Recreation/Hobbies________

Financial Stability________

Physical Environment (Home, Cars, Neighborhood, etc.)________


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