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Take INventory with these Manhood Mascot Q's

 A deeper look at NFL mascots

Reflect and discuss some of the questions with a friend, helping establish a more authentic friendship. 

Bear-strong, independent, male bears live alone

Q: How do I tend to live an isolated life?


Ram- proud, stubborn

Q: How is my pride lately?   How am I stubborn?


Raider, Buccaneer, Viking-they stole from others-dishonest gain,-we can 'steal' from others- lust, porn, affairs, addictions 

Q:  Where I am self-centered?    Q: How have I taken from others? How am I dealing with lust and temptations?


Panther, Jaguar-usually lives, hunts, and travels alone-except during mating season-male only stays with mate for 2 days after mating-

Q: How do I deal with my power and my sex drive?


Titan- someone who is god-like, powerful, influential

Q: How is my influence and ego lately? -self-serving? overinflated? bruised?


Bengal-tiger--speed, hunter-due to size and strength--no natural predators

Q: It's dangerous to live as though we have no predators. What or who could be a threat on my journey? What keeps me from being the man I want to be?


Cardinal— has a black ‘mask’ on its' face-men tend to hide behind ‘masks’  a projected image,  fear of being truly known

Q: What masks do I tend to wear?   How can 'masks' be dangerous?

Colt-young, still maturing, extra energy

Q: Where do I want to keep maturing?


Bronco-unbridled, undisciplined

Q: Where do I want to become more disciplined?  


Steeler- hard working, get what you work for

Q: What hard work do I enjoy?


Packer-sacrifice for our family, mundane, daily grind of work

Q: How is work mundane and sometimes feels like a daily grind for me?


Dolphin-smart, intelligent, trainable, playful

Q: How has my intelligence, personality and work ethic provided opportunities for me?


Browns, Bills- only mascots named after men-for original coach : Paul Brown and famous celebrity Wild Bill “Buffalo” Cody

Q: Where do I find my identity and worth as a man?   Q: We get our last name from our fathers, as part of our identity---how do you want to be similar and different than your father?

Commander-trust their decisions, has what it takes, confident

Q:  Do you feel you have what it takes to lead yourself, your family, and other men?  Why or why not?

Jet-think travels, adventures

 Q: What are my life-giving adventures have I done and would like to do?


49er-opportunistic, take new ground  

Q: What risk or new opportunity is God leading me towards?


Charger-offers a charge, creates energy

Q: How do I re-charge?  What drains your energy?


Giant-facing fears 

Q: What do I fear? Why?


Raven- research shows they offer empathy, make friends with fellow ravens-recognizes other ravens up to 3 years later 

Q: How am I reaching out to a friend?      Q: How can I be a more safe & loyal friend?


Seahawk—performs elaborate flight ritual overhead to impress potential mate--flies in a wave pattern while clutching a fish 

Q: How did I pursue my partner during courtship?  How am I doing at pursuing and courting her lately?


Falcon--bird of prey-can fly up to 200 mph when "diving" on its prey

Q:  What goal have you been driven and laser focused to accomplish?


Texan-take risks, resilient, proud history 

Q: Where do I need more resilience?  Which men in history inspire me?

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Chief-in charge, leader  

Q: Where do I want to step up as a leader within my roles and responsibilities with marriage, family, work, etc.?

Patriot-noble, defender, loyal, significance, make a difference

Q: Where is God leading me to make a difference?


Eagle-soar, unique, have higher perspective

Q: How do I want to soar?      Q: What dreams do I have?


Lion-powerful, know who they are,  ruler, authority (Also think of Simba from Lion King-shame can paralyze us so we don't live out our calling

Q: Where do I feel shame?  Q: Where do I, like Simba, need to return to the Father God, to live out who I am designed to be?


Saint-our true identity, purpose-- The Bible declares we are saints

Q: Do I see myself like this?    Q: How do I want to allow God’s grace to transform me into who I am meant to be?


Cowboy-rugged, work as a team, a few cowboys move many cattle—brand the cattle

Q: Who am I riding with?    Q: What impression and mark do I want to leave on others?


Which 2 or 3 topics above do you want to grow in the most?  Consider . coaching for a few sessions. We would tailor our sessions around your identified needs.

May these reflection questions help you know yourself better, motivate you and help you find:   NFL: New Found Life

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