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Attention:  Church Leaders
Men Talks & ReTREATS

Looking for engaging ways for your men to build deep connections as they discuss meaningful topics?

Looking for ways to address the porn issues that are effecting so many of your members?


We would be honored to facilitate your men's talk, workshop,  or retreat.

Men want to open up.  Men desire to be known and know others.  We facilitate with transparency. It helps set the tone.   Helping them:  to know themselves, each other and Christ at a deeper level.

These 4 themes below could be shared as a one night retreat, talk or a seminar as well.  

Each theme is centered around the men sharing from their heart and experiences.  They leave with authentic friendships and a greater vision of the men they want to become.

For a retreat, to allow more men to attend, we suggest: 

  • low cost 

  • close 

  • one night 6pm-Friday-Noon-Saturday (Or 2 nights with more discussion and activities/free time)

If turn-key is desired:   We can handle the lodging, food and logistics. 

Select from 4 engaging themes: 

Life is a Story:  Sharing your story (with prompts) and how you want the rest of your story to be written--vision for the rest of your story

NFL Mascots-manhood discussion questions using all the mascots (topics: isolation, pride, temptation, sex, friendships, ambition, adventure, work, marriage, fatherhood wounds, future dreams, leadership and more)

Living The Hero's Journey: start w/ movie clips from Gladiator, Braveheart, The Matrix, Star Wars, etc-then discussion questions about life's invitation for something greater, tests, trials, allies, enemies, defining moments, and how we, the hero, could be changed and transformed

Porn and Pursing Better Sex:  the lies of porn and other unwanted sexual patterns (using Prov. 5-7 and our personal stories)  and the blessings of God's design for sex in marriage.

More Info:


to discuss your specific needs for the retreat, seminar or talk

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