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About MFF

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Passionate About Helping Men and Couples Find Freedom

In 2020, men gathered for a retreat desiring to know self, others and God better.  As the men took off their masks, deeper connections began to form.  Since then, the vision of helping men find freedom continues to grow and develop. 

Co-Founders, Lance Linnartz and Jarrod Peterson, have been close friends for over 30 years.  They count it a privilege to help men live in freedom, live with greater purpose and establish authentic friendships.

Jarrod is a licensed therapist in the Tulsa area. Lance is a life coach and porn recovery coach in the Dallas-Ft Worth area. Both have served full time in ministry for many decades and are ordained ministers. They have over 40 years combined experience of mentoring men.  


Although M.F.F. has a faith-based approach,  we help guys regardless of where they are in their spiritual beliefs.

Much of the journey ahead deals with facing life's challenges with a new approach. We help you courageously face the areas you've been avoiding.  We share much of our life and experiences with vulnerability and transparency.  We will encourage you to do the same within a safe and confidential environment.

In Person Appointments inside Rooted In Hope Counseling in Ft Worth

Zoom appointments also available

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Christie can offer help to your partner

Another team member is Lance's wife, Christie.   Lance and Christie have been married for 30 years.  They have weathered many storms. As part of their redemptive journey, Christie has become a licensed therapist and life coach.  She specializes in betrayal trauma, Brainspotting and EMDR.  Women could visit her website here.  She is a available for a consultation call  (she is an awesome woman!)

They have shared their recovery and restoration story at retreats for couples who want to repair/rebuild their relationship. They are blessed to coach and counsel couples.


Training & Development

You benefit from a well-balanced approach from our backgrounds with these ministries/resources. From a laptop, hover over each logo to see their experiences.

DFW porn and sex addiction help and mentoring
Christian help for sex and porn addiction
Life Coach Porn Sex Addiction help
Men Intensive Mission Purpose Heart coming alive
Brene Brown logo.png
Gottman logo.png
PrepareEnrich logo.jpg
Intensives for sex and porn help
Christian Coaching logo.png
Dallas Fort Worth marriage help
Fort Worth porn help
Affair Recovery help-Infidelity help porn and sex addiction help
DFW Porn addiction help
Porn and sex addiction help in DFW
Institute of Biblical Studies--IBS.png
CSAT visits Fort Worth Porn and Sex addiction mentor
Men friendship guide Leading your family and marriage
Porn help DFW
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